A Michelin star restaurant always has its own kitchen and its absence leads to in-consistent quality, untraceable ingredients and erratic quality. The “Tannery” is Simran’s “kitchen”.

To maintain ethical sourcing, process multiple animal breeds, manufacture in multiple tanning methods, create multiple finishes Simran has to be a vertical and makes its own leather.

Simran remains committed to the global environmental standards and thus the tanneries are LWG ® Gold & ISO 14001 ® certified. There is neither compromise on machinery nor any ingredient. Leather processing is done on robust European machinery while all dyes & chemicals are sourced from European companies like Sthal, TFL, BASF, Zimmer & Schawatz to ensure that every leather is as per Global RSL ® standards & Afirm ® standards.

On an average 4-6 skins are required for an apparel piece & every skin is an individual DNA with no replica. To ensure homogenous character every animal breed is handled individually and processing recipes formulated based on skin character, thickness, weather conditions and final finishing required.

Every batch of skins are tested in Raw stage & Finished stage to ensure RSL & Afirm Compliance.