At Simran®, we offer expertise across a broad spectrum of areas

Complete Sourcing

Simran® is one of the leading pioneers of leather supply science. In simpler terms, a periodic scheduling of sourcing patterns so as to derive the best quality hides from different regions while keeping the geo-climatic elements in consideration.

Skin sourcing has been an art which is gained from experience and passed down through generations. Weather conditions have an impact on all living organisms. Thus to source the raw material from a country, in order to ensure that it has the highest level of quality, and weather has not deteriorated it, one needs experience. Sourcing raw material also includes ensuring that it’s legally procured, ethical and a byproduct of the meat industry. To ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards, we only use the finest materials and workmanship. Our team is highly qualified to provide you with the best leather garments manufacturers in India.

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Designed to thrill

At Simran®, one of our key investments is in Italy. This is the place where our Leather Technical Research Team resides. Washed leather, colors or even reptile print effects, our dedicated think tank and its team of artisans are suited to cater to every new trend and aesthetic preference. In short, we call it Leather Engineering.

Geared for change

As all leather work within Simran® is in-house, adaptability is one of our key fortes. From changing government directives to new trade body regulations and eco-conscious bans, we are equipped to adapt and cater to the change without any delays. When EU bans a chemical substance which is part of the processing and manufacturing process, our technical expertise ensures complete alterations within 24 hours.

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Because knowledge
is power

We provide an assistance platform for technical requirements to any designer and buyers who do not have a leather back-ground. They tell us what they wish to get made and in what final look, price and we propose to them the raw material, thickness, quality level, etc. It is akin to a one-stop-shop for the customer.

Touch feel and

Our execution team knows that leather apparel manufacturing is highly technical and quality conscious. Prior to making the first sample, we re-engineer various aspects of the product in order to simplify the manufacturing process and address all technical aspects.

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Complete end to end assistance

A dedicated team of account executions proficient in English are there to process and serious queries and technical issues. They serve as the bridge between the client and the actual manufacturing process taking place on the shop floor.

From the factory
to the client

Other companies often rely on third party entities to handle their logistics. This often results in unsafe conditions where more often than not, cargo is compromised. To counter this, Simran® operates its own end-to-end logistics team with the capability to handle all shipments and maintain cargo safety. We deliver the goods to the airlines ourselves and ensure complete safety and security. To our select EU clients, the entire cargo shipment is delivered straight to their company warehouses. This process called DDP/LDP (Landed duty paid) is initiated to ensure complete responsibility of the cargo safety till the B2B entitiy's warehouses have completed the entire handover process. We are one of the only entities to offer the same to our client.

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Solution focused

Accountability and honesty are the cornerstones of Simran's® legacy. Stretching across decades, we pride ourselves in a process chain that is completely solution oriented. This means that every resource and process has been optimized to improvise, adapt and overcome. Not wasting time in passing the buck.

Global standards
meet experience

Spanning over 2,00,000 sq.ft. or 20,000 sq.meters of manufacturing space, we are capable of handling any kind of business or process oriented requirement. The entire team, its protocol and our entire manufacturing process is certified and compliant with all societal and environmental norms. Whilst majority of the leather manufacturing companies have certifications from commercial tier 3 or tier 4 bodies, Simran® chooses to go a different path. We are certified by reputed bodies like BVQI. These bodies are at the top of the hierarchy and their certifying processes are exhaustive and stringent.

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Global Centres

As a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation, today we are situated across 11 global centres.