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The Simran® Journey

The star of a legacy

The seeds for Simran® International were sown in
1972 under the leadership of Mr. Hardip Singh Arora.
With professionalism and commitment to quality
being the highest priority, Simran®
quickly spearheaded itself as one of the
premier partners for leather.

Mr. Hardip Singh Arora
Mr. Hardip Singh Arora

Change is Good

It was in 1996 that we at Simran® International took a giant
leap forward. Though the demand was omnipresent,
leather businesses in India lacked the technical
know-how, globalised aesthetics and professionalism
to cater to the needs of clients.
With a staff polished and trained to cater the language,
expectations and quality levels of global buyers, we
first ensured that you as a client get a platform to
showcase your vision without any loss of clarity or details.

On the other end, we became one of the pioneers in procuring and further laying out
state-of-the-art infrastructure that ensured productivity, safety and attention to detail. Moreover, our talented
team of leather artisans further ensured that this vision gets converted into reality with all specifications and details intact.

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fashion with a conscience

In the leather business, adaptability is key. As a testament to this fact, Simran® International is one of the first to
ensure complete supply chain transparency.

  • Strict sourcing of leather from livestock industries that are qualified under ethical animal treatment norms
  • Ensuring complete compliance with labour laws and social norms when it comes to the processing house and workshop workforce for a fair for all product cycle
  • Enabling sustainability in practices by incorporating eco-friendly agents and additives that are crucial to the leather making process. This includes dyes, inks and other materials used to make the leather apparel ready
  • Ensuring complete compliance with the surroundings by re-using and recycling water used in our processing houses
Simran Internationa Team

The new Era

Taking the helms of Simran® International and driving
forward, Mr. Rajan Arora, CEO of Simran® International
is carting new waters. From ensuring complete compliance
with REALGRADE Certification norms to building
a logistics framework that delivers
the shipment straight to the client’s warehouse,
for Simran®, our 40+ year journey is far from over.

With a commitment towards honest fashion and complete transparency in the leather procuring and manufacturing process, we are ready to make leather the way it was meant to be. Natural, recyclable, ethically sourced and 100% sustainable.

Simran International Awards

2015-2016 second place in
export performance by
council of leather exports

Simran International Awards

2014-2015 second place
for export performance by
council for leather exports

Simran International Awards

2013-2014 second place for
export performance by
council for leather exports

Simran International Awards

2004-2005 award for
commendable export performance
by council for leather exports

Simran International Awards

best woman entrepreneur
award by council of
leather exports

Simran International Awards

sme business excellence
awards 2017 honorary mention

Simran International Awards

mention for export
performance between u.s. $1
million to 5 million

Simran International Awards

recipient of make in
india award by the
india today group

Simran International Awards

second place in export
performance award
for exports above 50
cr. and upto 100 cr.