The garment unit is a mix of Traditional artisanal work with state-of-the-art machinery.

Leather Cutting
The Cutting of leather is an manual artisanal work which requires years of experience & in-depth knowledge of leather. Every skin & hide is an individual DNA & finger print. Experience & extensive skill is required to identify 4-6 having similar texture which can be used for 1 garment to ensure that the garment looks homogenous.

Leather skins are segregated, skin defects identified & avoided following which the panels are cut individually with knife on Glass.

Stitching & Manufacturing
Fusing is done on Japanese Machines while stitching & buttoning is done on German Machines. Threads & needles being used are scientifically chosen appropriately as per the thickness of the leather.

Ingredients such as fusing, interlinings, adhesives & threads are the core building blocks of every apparel piece and are equivalent to Brick-and-mortar in a building. Such ingredients have been curated after thorough due diligence. Every ingredient has undergone multiple trials, quality tests, wear trials & detailed fact-checks. To learn more visit on “our sustainable conscious” page.

Every Garment piece has to undergo 100% quality control across various stages of manufacturing prior to it being barcoded & packed for shipment.

Pattern Making
Every design has its own silhouette, shape, structure, curvature and thus for patterning Simran utilises computerised systems along with traditional manual process of matching every notch. Computerised patterns, in all & any formats, are created, printed and matched manually to the final notch to ensure the product aesthetic is maintained.

Account Management Team
Trained & professional account managers & merchandisers service the customers on every day basis and handhold the customer through every step. It’s the team’s job to communicate with clients on daily basis, answer all queries, identify and resolve all bottlenecks, quote & re-quote prices.

Stringent operating protocols are followed by the team to avoid any misunderstanding & black-out. Weekly reports are sent to every customer for every style being sampled & in-production to ensure the customer is aware of all stages.

Simran is known more for its attention to detail, service, sensitivity, technical expertise, quality, ethics, professionalism than its vast capacity of crafting 2,00,000 pieces annually.