Leather Manufacturing Company

At Simran, we don't just craft leather apparel, we blend timeless tradition with the modern responsibility of sustainability.

100% Natural, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Leather

Our story begins with respect for a natural material – leather. Unlike synthetic imitations, leather is a byproduct of the food industry, making it a responsible choice. However, responsibility goes beyond the material itself.

That's why we source our leather ethically through fair-trade practices, ensuring the well-being of animals and fair treatment of workers.

We take sustainability a step further by incorporating recycled components in every part of the garment that has ethical alternatives, minimizing our environmental footprint. Look at our Sustainable Conscious page for more information.

Generations of Artisan Craft

Leather isn't simply a material; it's a canvas for artistry. Founded in 1972 by Mr. Hardip Singh, an engineer with a passion for leather, Simran has always been a family affair.

Today, the company is led by Mr. Rajan Arora, a second-generation artisan who blends his inherited knowledge with cutting-edge technology. This fusion of tradition and innovation is at the heart of every Simran creation.

Commitment to Quality and Design

We believe that every detail matters. From careful design sketches to precise technical specifications, every step of the creation process receives our persistent attention. The result? Leather apparel that symbolizes your aspirations - crafted with the utmost diligence.

Differentia That Goes Beyond Borders

Simran operates with a global perspective. With sales offices strategically positioned across seven countries, we serve a network of 61 brands in 11 nations. To ensure we stay ahead of trends, we partner with WGSN and fashion studios in London, Paris, and New York. Yet, despite our global reach, we never lose sight of the importance of personalized customer service.

The Simran Team: Upholding Our Values

Simran's success is a testament to our dedicated team. They embody the core values that define our company: sustainability, exceptional quality, and unparalleled customer service. Together, we strive to create leather apparel that is not just beautiful but also responsible and enduring.