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    Leather Garment Manufacturer,

    That Assures High-Grade Quality!!!

    A leading leather manufacturer & exporters that satisfy customer's quality needs all over the globe.

  • Leather Jackets Manufacturing Company

    Affordable & Fashionable

    Leather Products,

    That Matches Your Style!!!

    Explore the stylish and classy leather products for both men and women.

  • Leather Tanneries in India

    Leather Tannery where

    quality and ethics

    are not compromised!!!

    We are the artisans and handcrafters who do not compromise in ethics & reliability.

Welcome to Simran International

One-Stop Shop for Leather Garments

Leather Apparel that is 100% natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, manufactured with ethically sourced leather, far-trade practices & recycled components. This is Simran ®.

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Aboout Simran International
50 Years

Completed In Leather Industry

With global expertise and quality control, we serve 97 brands and over 10,000 global retail points in countries such as Spain, Italy, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Australia, and Russia.


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