Simran International Export (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The form of the business of Simran international is all concerned with the tanning, manufacturing as well as exporting of leather products and related accessories. We perfectly understand that what are the expectations of our clients from us and for this reason we obtain leather from pure sources. Different kinds of skins of animals are utilized for manufacturing leather. The quality and shine of leather garment is dependent upon the source of animal skin from which it is made. For this reason we make all efforts to obtain skin from pure and efficient sources like Lambs, Goats, Buff and Cow. We possess a huge capacity of producing leather goods and annually we come up with 240000 pcs garments and 200000 pcs of accessories. We are presently one of the most recognized in relation to Leather Garments India. For more than 5 years we have been entertaining our valued customers that are all concerned about getting high quality leather products. We understand that how much it is important for people to satisfy themselves with quality leather products. To ensure quality and high standards of production we have three tanneries working in the South of India and to maintain quality we have Italian staff members serving at our every Leather Tannery India. We also possess in house facilities in relation research and development. This is to deliver our customers with the best because they deserve this. In the world of Leather Export we also have earned a highly reputed spot and possess an exporting percentage of 100 percent.

We belong to Leather Tannery India, but we also source finished skins from Italy, Turkey, France& South America.

We hold a very noted position not only in Leather Garments India, but also all around the globe we are heavily respected. We have affiliations and offices in Milan, Paris, London, Hamburg, Malrbourne, Barcelona& Copenhagen. Our offices serve the customer on weekly basis with style and design inputs and keep us informed of all the market trends. Leather Export is our specialty and for this we have earned lot fame.

We are certified from ISO 9001, SA 8000 certified BVQI and 2008 certified from BVQI.

Simran International is one organization that is known globally for producing high quality and durable leather goods. For more than 5 years this company has sincerely and passionately followed the approach that their customers are special and they deserve the best. For this reason they are very dedicated to supply genuine and high quality leather products. We derive leather from the best breeds of lambs and cows and then very carefully it is given the form of different types of leather goods, garments and accessories. The aim is to supply the leather lovers with the most desired and efficient varieties of leather goods and for these we not only make claims, but also arrangements to fulfill our promises. We understand that without the incorporation of modern technology it is very much impossible to survive in the cut throat competition that is present in the business world. For this reason you can see that we have employed all the latest equipments at our tanneries and other industrial units. We have sections where computerized pattern making is being done. Also modern techniques are utilized for cutting leather properly because upon this aspect the whole end result depends.

Pattern making is another aspect upon which we pay due consideration and there are separate departments where patterns are designed and their proper incorporation of leather products like Leather Jackets, Designer Leather Bags for women etc. is implemented. We obtain leather from very high breeds of animals and understand that how much important it is to take care of it for this reason our leather stores have been designed to efficiently store animal skin before it undergoes processing and converted into products. Our every product is handled by experts before it gets into the hand of consumers.

There are separate sampling and packing sections in our organization from where only the best products are passed forward and low quality or defected goods are rejected. To make it easier for our customers to access our products we have a vast network of showrooms distributed in whole India. No matter you are looking for stylish Leather Jackets, Designer Leather Bags or Leather Bags for Women at our showrooms you will be able to get all of them. We aim to deliver quality and for this we are purely dedicated and a lot future planning has been done by us. There is an under construction new unit that is on its way to explore more heights of glory. We only want to satisfy our customers and for this we are doing everything that is within our reach. You can see in the pictures that world class arrangements have been made to manufacture leather goods at the Simran International and this is the result of our hard work that today all around the world we are heavily respected.