Simran International Export (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Nothing is more important at SIMRAN than our commitment towards the Integrated Management System for Quality, Safety, Security, Health, Hygiene, Social Accountability, Ethics and the Environment.

The success of the Company's policies in these areas is achieved through our Integrated Management System and regular engagement of our workforce towards implementing these policies. They are designed to continuously evolve and improve through regular reviews and the documented change management process.

1. Quality Policy

Our Buyers are our partners in business. Our product and services will not only meet buyer expectations but also aim at getting repeat business from our buyers through enhanced buyer satisfaction. We endeavor to keep on improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and achieve this by supplying on time, consistently. We learn from mistakes and reduce the number of errors made, thereby improving our efficiency and the quality of our processes and products.

2. Safety Policy

We shall use safe work practices in accordance with the legal regulations to ensure that all our employees not only work safely but also improve work practices to eliminate accidents and injuries, totally.

3. Security Policy

We work in a method which protects us from threats of unmanifested materials being introduced in our supplies. Our employees are the biggest resource in this endeavor and they act as eyes and ears to the security procedures of our company thereby enhancing the effectiveness in the whole security mechanism. We ensure that the risks involved in the transport, transfer and storage of goods are steadily reduced.

4. Health & Hygiene Policy

We are committed to work in a clean and healthy work environment. With our employee engagement practices we will create health consciousness in all our employees and strive to improve the health of employees & hygiene of work place.

5. Environment Policy

We will promote participation and communication of the stakeholders in order to protect the environment. It is our policy to assure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities at all times and in all places. We will do so by complying with all the legal requirements. We will continually improve our environmental performance by implementing Environmental Management Programs for conserving natural resources & energy.

6. Employee Welfare Policy

The skills, commitment, creativity and performance of our staff and their ability to work as a team lay the foundation for SIMRAN's economic success. These capabilities are nurtured through targeted continuing education measures. We work openly and constructively with employee representative(s) for any grievances and ensure they are involved in the process of finding solutions in the areas of quality, safety, security, health, hygiene, ethics and environmental protection in accordance with their rights and obligations.

7. Social Compliance, Legal & Cultural Environment Policy

The practices at SIMRAN shall comply with all the legal requirements, various ILO conventions and use ethical business practices related to employment and labor. While child labor will not be permitted, forced labor will not be used. We ensure fair compensation packages with wages and benefits complying with the legally mandated minimum standards. Our work practices ensure freedom of association and collective bargaining without any discrimination and harassment.

8. Procurement Policy

We consider not only price but also product and delivery of quality, environmental protection, social accountability, ethics and occupational safety when assessing potential suppliers and contractors for the provision of products and services.

9. Anti Corruption & Anti Bribery Policy

None of our staff and people representing us shall be bribing anyone to favor our business or business practice(s). We shall meet all legal requirements and conduct all of its business activities with honesty, integrity and the highest possible ethical standards and sincerely enforce its business practice(s), whichever country it operates, of not engaging in bribery or corruption. In case of a detected or reported bribery, we shall promptly take countermeasures to strengthen our Anti Corruption and Anti Bribery Systems.