Nothing is more important at SIMRAN than our commitment towards the Integrated Management System for Quality, Safety, Security, Health, Hygiene, Social Accountability, Procurement and the Environment.

At Simran we give high level preference to the integrated management systems in relation to product qualities, security, safety, Health, Hygiene, social accountability, procurement and environmental aspects. In all these departments we have excelled because of the dedication we possess towards our integrated management system and commitment towards the implementation of related schemes.

1 Quality Policy.

We take purchasers of our Genuine Leather Products are our associates. We focus on availing the trust of customers so that they can consider our products again and again. We are always open towards criticism and make all the efforts for constantly improving the affectivity of our management systems and this is achieved by us by showing consistency. We admit our mistakes and make arrangements to rectify them and this helps us a lot in enhancing the quality of our products.

2 Safety Policy.

We value the safety and protection of our employees and for this reason we work within the limits of all defined legal guidelines. There are maximum precautionary measures adopted to avoid accidents and casualties.

3 Security Policy.

Our manner of working is such that it provides protection to us from all the harms of UN manifested items that are sent in our supplies. We possess a group of highly efficient and responsive employees that possess quick reflexes and carefully deal with all the potential threats that are present to the security of our Finished Leather products. We make efforts and make satisfactory arrangements to minimize the risks that are associated with storage, transport and transferring of goods.

4 Health & Hygiene Policy.

We value working in a healthy and pure atmosphere. We have introduced employee engagement practices to create awareness in relation to health related matters in our workers and focus upon the improvement of hygiene of our employees.

5 Environmental Policy.

We are promoting the communication and participation options for stakeholders to secure the environment. In addition to Finished Leather products production it is a part of our policy to preserve and ensure the integrity of the environment. We make arrangements for this, but at the same time follow all the legal issues. We will constantly stay concerned towards enhancing the environment and related performances and this will be done by the implementation of Environment management program for conserving natural resources and energy.

6 Employee Welfare Policy.

The main contribution in the success of our organization has come from the dedication, commitment, skills, creativity and performance of our employees. These qualities are established via the educational measures taken by our organization. We enjoy working with our employees in an environment where we are always openly found communicating with the representatives of our workers. In case there is any kind of issues then we sit together to find the possible remedies in relation to quality, safety, security, health, hygiene and protection of environments stayingincompatible with their rights and obligations.

7 Social Compliance, Legal & Cultural Policy.

All the practices that are being carried out Simran show compatibility with the legal requirements, conventions of ILO and not to forget that these practices are fully ethical in relation to employment and labors. There is no room for child labor and forced labor shall never be utilized. There are decent compensation packages and other privileges showing compatibility with legal standards. Our Genuine Leather Products manufacturing practices provide liberty of association and combined bargaining avoiding all differences.

8 Procurement Policy.

We not only care about prices, but also quality, protection of the environment, social accountability and safety of occupants while accessing contractors as well as suppliers for dealing with our offerings.

9 Anti Corruption & Anti Bribery Policy.

None of our staff and people representing us shall be bribing anyone to favor our business or business practice(s). We shall meet all legal requirements and conduct all of its business activities with honesty, integrity and the highest possible ethical standards and sincerely enforce its business practice(s), whichever country it operates, of not engaging in bribery or corruption. In case of a detected or reported bribery, we shall promptly take countermeasures to strengthen our Anti Corruption and Anti Bribery Systems.

Rajan Arora
Managing Partner